Elizabeth and James

Its hard not to love something so soft and light.

I love the slight twist of the idea of a blazer having a furry hood.

I just adore this ring..

This if my first post for a few days because i sprained my arm in a car accident a few days ago. so ive just been laying around but, today ive decided to pick myself back up and post. I'm cheering up myself by making delicious spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting later. Yes one-handedly :)




My new goal is to get something in this gorgeous ox blood color. Maybe a great leather boot or maybe a coat? Its is my new love..I'll keep you posted on my search for the perfect item.


le amazing, this just makes me want to snuggle up on my couch and sip This


In fact..

I have been searching my life for new inspiration. A brand new season means a new outlook on life to me. I love the bright colors of summer but fall is just as beautiful.

 I've always enjoyed the change from flowy camis and detailed skirts to the homey feeling of a nice coozy sweater.

Recently Ive discovered a new shop I Love!


 I came across it when i was shopping In North Carolina, and i love the slight warmness of it all. Its very me. Here are a couple items ill be ordering:

I love this rust colored wrap it's perfect for lounging with comfort with out looking frumpy.

The detail of studs and sequins on this dress are lovely and the very fall olive color is as well.

This coat is perfect,in Length, color and cut.

A little peek-a-boo never hurt anyone.


impulse, inclination, or tendency

Anthropologie has never been a favorite store of mine, for reasons of my own. One of them being that almost nothing in the store is less then 100$. but I have fallen in love with their romantic dresses lately. And the lacy peep-toes were just an after-thought but i have decided I love them as well.